Legit Brand Creative Is Getting Hijacked – And Advertisers Need To Start Paying Attention

by Allison Schiff // Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 – 12:35 am

Walmart, Nike, Amazon, Dell, Honda, Lowe’s – all brand advertisers you can trust, until a bad actor steals their ad creative to use as a vehicle for spreading malware.

The problem grows during periods of higher traffic, like the holidays, said Maggie Louie, CEO and founder of DEVCON, a cybersecurity startup focused on fraud detection.

Not too many advertisers are aware of this issue, Louie said, and even those that are don’t necessarily prioritize it. They’re more focused on not paying for bot traffic.

But it really should be top of mind for all advertisers, said Kate Reinmiller, co-founder and VP of operations at Ad Lightning, a company that helps publishers find and root out bad ads.

Even if the first incident doesn’t affect an advertiser’s bottom line, turning a blind eye allows more fraud to be seeded into the open ecosystem over time, and that will eventually show up at their doorstop. READ MORE

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