Before the dust settles on ad-fraud investigation, others are underway


As the ad-tech world continues to soul-search after the indictments and arrests of several foreign nationals related to a massive ad-fraud scheme, another firm says it’s investigating a similar case involving another 30 fake ad networks.

The ad-tech cybersecurity firm Devcon says it’s spent the past two months investigating a similar case involving at least 30 fake ad networks. The company, based in Memphis, has already passed along information to the FBI.

Within the fake ad networks being investigated by Devcon, the company has seen one of several key characteristics. Michael F D Anaya, Devcon’s head of global cyber investigations, said the bots sometimes install malicious apps that might include ransom ware, while others install tools for fake optimization aimed at getting the users to divulge more information than they should. READ MORE

Christina BrownPress