DEVCON Integration is a Light Load

heavy lift.jpg

DEVCON’s technology is designed to avoid heavy lifting.

Bad actors exploit the digital ad ecosystem by looking legitimate to DSPs and CDNs - hiding their true colors until they’re all the way in the browser. DEVCON creates a browser firewall to establish a last line of defense, blocking malvertising after it’s revealed itself but before it can get to your site’s audience.

But in order to create that browser firewall, we have to load in the browser! That means our code has to load on the websites we protect, and there are a few ways website developers can make that happen.

The Best Option - Directly Deploy the Page Wrapper

Our code is pretty simple - it’s a secure call to our own JavaScript that can watch the third-party calls on a page for anything suspicious. It’s as easy as dropping one call in your site’s header.

    <script id="hi_im_a_script" data-key="eW91ciBzaXRlJ3MgaWRlbnRpZmljYXRpb24gY29kZQ==" data-e="42" src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <!--END HEADER -->

(that’s sample code that will totally fail if you use it)

DEVCON users can find this code by clicking on “Install Alerts” in the DEVCON dashboard.

Deploying directly is the A+ best option because it allows us to keep an eye on any unit in the page loading third-party demand. Our script loads asynchronously and comes from the fastest geolocated CDNs to ensure network latency is low - so we play well with all the other good stuff on the page.

The Other Best Option - Our WordPress Plugin

You can make deploying us super easy if your site is built on WordPress. We created a plugin that drops our code in the right place and makes sure it’s working correctly. If you’re on WordPress and would like a plugin, just let us know.

The Pretty Good Option - Put Us in a Tag Manager

We know tag managers are there to lighten the load, and we’re here to make things easy. Using a tag manager to deploy our scripts can work, but we’ve noticed hiccups in the past. The main concern is load priority - if we’re not top priority in the tag manager, ad tags can load before we get a chance to check them, and that can lead to unwanted stuff on the page. Some tag managers have built-in optimization tools that misinterpret our blocking function as interrupting page loads. In an effort to help the page load without these interruptions, the tag manager moves us down in priority, and malvertising has a chance to load first.

This option is better than going without but opens the door just a crack for bad guys to sneak in.

The Okayest Option - The Creative Wrapper

When you click on “Install Alerts” in our platform, you’ll also see a block of code for installing us as a Google Ad Manager creative wrapper.

<script id="ns_script_dc" data-key="eW91ciBzaXRlJ3MgaWRlbnRpZmljYXRpb24gY29kZQ==" data-e="42" data-h="%%HEIGHT%%" data-w="%%WIDTH%%" data-cr="%ecid!" data-ca="%ebuy!" data-a="%eadv!" data-unit="%%ADUNIT%%" src="//" type="text/javascript" async></script>
<!--END HEADER -->

(that’s also sample code that will also totally fail if you use it)

This will let us keep an eye on any ad unit you wrap, provided the creative is coming from your GAM server. Programmatic sources like AdX won’t be wrapped, and neither will anything else on the page that loads from a third party - like video ads, comment forms, text ads, etc.

It’s also much better than nothing at all, but using the creative wrapper opens the door even more for malvertising to work its way in.

We’re Here to Help

If you’re hoping to protect your page but you’re not sure how to find the development time to deploy, or if you’re already using DEVCON and would like to double-check the way we’re installed, let us know! We’re always willing to engage directly with a development team to answer questions and get creative about deployment solutions if you encounter hurdles.

If you don’t have page-level protection for your site, sign up today! Installing is easy, and trying us is free.