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The Hill: Researchers discover use of malicious cyber tool to commit digital ad fraud

Officials at Devcon told The Hill on Sunday they uncovered the use of the technique - known as a polyglot - on Friday. They said that the use of polyglots, which are considered to be among the more technically advanced techniques available for cyber criminals, points to more hackers committing digital ad fraud.

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The Daily Swig: Malvertising fiends using polyglot exploits in real-world attacks

Cybercriminals have started using so-called ‘polyglot images’ to disguise malvertising attacks.

Polyglot exploits center around malicious payload files that can be interpreted as either an image or a piece of JavaScript.

The tactic – spotted in the wild by researchers at ad fraud prevention firm Devcon – has been adopted by a group hoping to pass off malicious JavaScript as artwork.

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