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Google Chrome

ShopSecure Chrome Extension

Protect yourself when shopping online in the Chrome browser. Don’t wait for the internet to protect you – protect yourself from credit card theft, attempts to steal your personal data, malware, redirects, and pop-ups.

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SafeShop for Shopify

Install to enable a free, extra layer of security for you and your customers. Automated security monitoring and protection from common attacks provide peace of mind for you to grow your Shopify-based business.

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Google Chrome

JavaScript Security for Developers Chrome Extension

Monitor your site for malicious JavaScript attacks. Discover and fix vulnerabilities to protect your site from data skimming attacks like Magecart. CSP Designer automatically builds a robust Content Security Policy to defend your site against cross-site scripting, form-jacking, and Magecart attacks.

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DEVCON Bad Ad Blocking Plugin for WordPress

Safeguard your site and users from ads that are carrying malvertising, adware, malware, XSS attacks, malicious redirects, trojans, crypto hijackers, and other common attacks. Protect your brand while improving your programmatic revenue on your WordPress site.

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DEVCON JavaScript Security for Cloudflare

Protect your site and users from malicious attacks that happen in the browser. Easy 5-minute setup and free monitoring to start via Cloudflare.

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